Fulfillment Policy

ICPD Gateway is committed to ensure the welfare of the general public by upgrading the practice of the Filipino professionals through provision of both online and event CPDs at an affordable cost. We continuously assist our CPD Provider partners to improve the quality of their CPDs to make our professional client’s time, money, and effort worthwhile, thus ensuring client satisfaction.

Below are the responsibilities of ICPD Gateway to its professional clients:

  1. We shall operate and maintain the online platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to primarily provide convenience to our clients.
  2. We shall accept and process payments through our existing e-commerce facility then subsequently send a confirmation of payment through email.
  3. We shall assist client with regards to inquiry or disputes about their purchased CPD Program through telephone calls and emails.
  4. Our system shall generate a downloadable CPD Certificate for online CPD after the client successfully completed the online assessment and CPD feedback evaluation form.
  5. We shall protect client’s information from any third party in accordance to the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines.