2019 Midwives Annual Convention and Technical Conference

Seats Available : 948

Php 4,700.00

2019 Midwives Annual Convention and Technical Conference comprise of four (4) major areas of activities namely Ethics, Laws and Standards, Technical Competence, and Environmental Factors. The conference is designed to enhance the cognitive, psychomotor, and psychosocial skills of midwives to cope up with the dynamic healthcare trends and innovations. Moreover, it also aims to uplift and update midwife practice that is geared towards Career Progession.


Objectives: 2019 Midwives Annual Convention and Technical Conference, the participant will be able to:

  1. Develop critical thinking skills in in doing action research work;
  2. Gain enhanced cognitive and technical competence in adhering to laws and standards related to midwife business activity;
  3. Align/Synchronize existing practice to the latest trends, updates, innovations, and best practices identified by the Department of Health and World Health Organization;
  4. Recognize the latest career progression framework and retirement package developed by the Philippine Government for its employees;
  5. Enhance their  psychosocial skills in dealing with clients;
  6. Establish a common understanding of the processes involved in managing information needed for selected aspects of rural health management;
  7. Gain awareness about the “Latest Updates about the Implementation of RA 10912 from the Board of Midwifery” (Resolution No. 1146 Series of 2019);
  8. Integrate wellness in improving their cognitive and psychosocial skills; and
  9. Integrate midwife ethics in their actual practice to achieve a positive outcome.
Event :

2019 Midwives Annual Convention and Technical Conference

Venue :

Tagaytay International Convention Center

Event Schedule :

2019-11-07 to 2019-11-09

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