Modern Criminology Theories

Php 700.00

CPD Units : 5
Accreditation No : 2017-009-253
Published : 2020-08-02

About the Course

This course is an advanced study and critical appraisal of various role of theory in crime. It surveys the major schools of thought related to crime causation including an examination of biological psychological, economic, and sociological perspective on the etiology of crime.


The purpose of this courser is connecting theory with practice. How would you use these theories to actually prevent crime? How would you study these theories to see if they work in the so-called real world? With each theory we study, I will ask you to think about how we can take the theory, and put it into practice, through a variety of roles, from academic to member of law enforcement, but also as a teacher, or someone who works for school program. Ideally, it help allows one to think about the ways they can use theory to help people, rather than contribute to some of our greatest societal issues.

Course Overview

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